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The dark side of the moon documentary

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The dark side of the moon documentary

Mensaje  Laura el Sáb Dic 13, 2008 9:43 pm

The Dark Side of the Moon

In 2005 began to circulate in Internet a documentary. It has caused polemic between the internets usuaries related to the mystery.
This titled documentary: The dark side of the Moon or Operation Lune, directed by William Karen. In it appear Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and the astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, where they assure that the arrival of the man to the Moon was a fraud of the government of The United States to conquer the Soviet Union in the spatial career.
You can see any fragments in http://www.youtube.es
This documentary is very interesting for all the people he likes the astronomy.
This documentary speaks about the buildings that exist to another side of the moon. This secret face of the moon is not visible from any part of the world. The documentary speaks that the American government has very confidential information in which it tries that these buildings exist. In many videos of the NASA, there have been seen details of distorted images, figures similar to remains of buildings.
No solo se han descubierto este tipo de cosas en la luna. En marte también se han encontrado restos parecidos a los de la luna. Lo hace pensar que hace millones de años hubo vida en otros planetas además del nuestro.
Not only have this type of things revealed in the moon. In mars also they have found remains similar to those of the moon. It makes it think that it does million years there was life in other planets besides our one.
Many more things o this type are concealed by the goverment. This documentary is in spanish for the interested people can watch it and understand it.

There is somethings videos abaut this secrets of the moon.

Video 1

Video 2


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