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Mensaje  Laura el Lun Dic 15, 2008 5:21 pm


These codes became famous after the discovery of a coding rule.
(Only could be applied original language of the text, ancient Hebrew, and with the help of computers), which supposedly prove that the code can be used to predict future events.
Most experts decoders still in doubt this possibility.
All these hypothesis are denied by skeptics and many religious groups.
However, supporters suggest that in order to give a correct juice, the phenomenon should be studied more in depth, since there could be enormously long codes that haven’t been found. Some even speculate with the possibility that there may be a several encryption (codes within other), or you can search within arrays of more than two dimensions.
The principal method for which they are extracted the significant messages are the sequence of letter equidistant (ELS). For a text of an ELS, will choose a starting point (any letter) and a distance (a number, preferable negative)
Often several sequences related to the same subject can appear simultaneously in a series of letters. This is because the text is placed in a regular array, with the same number of letters in each line, after drawing a rectangle.
In the example, is part of Genesis (26, 5-10) with 33 letters per line.
Was to bible show sequences and code. Normally only would it show a smaller rectangle, as shown in picture. In that case there would be a missing of letters, but it is essential that the number of missing letters is the same for each pair of adjacent lines. If not, don’t meet the sequence.

If order the letters from Genesis 26:5-10 in array of 33 columns, are cross words "Bible" and "code". There are thousands of possible combinations.
Though it has shown an example in English, to do a search in the right form would be to use the biblical text in Hebrew. For religious reasons, most of the Jewish defenders of the code using only the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).
Beside, the translations into other languages (which there are hundreds of versions to choose) aren’t the original text of the Bible, this would require that believe in creationism of languages, so that sequences as complex that those found in the Hebrew Torah also be present in other translation. Another alternative would be to admit that the sequences found by scholars of the code aren´t as complicated or as difficult to find as they say.

In this documentary we can see that in the Bible I have many secrets of life and even a prediction of our future.
What makes us think that if you lend a little more attention to these signals may realize many things in life that we believe were impossible to know.

The documentary is in Spanish.
Try to find it in English, but not what I found.
This documentary has four parts
Enjoy it! Wink






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