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The Ouija board

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The Ouija board

Mensaje  tania_3e el Mar Feb 24, 2009 2:46 pm

The Legend of the Ouija
The word Ouija seems to come from a German - French mixture(mixing) that gives us the own(proper) term(end) to define. Oui (yes) and Ja (yes) is two analogous terms(ends) in his(her,your) corresponding languages and it(he,she) is not any more than a round affirmation, of there his(her,your) name comes.

The Ouija is a board in which they find all the characters of the alphabet engraved and represented, the numbers from 0 to 9 and in a preferential place If and Not. This one is the basic board with the one that is in the habit of practising the Ouija him(you,them) in our society and culture, obviously everything is subject to modifications and other medical instructors(student teachers) add phrases to shorten the time of formation(training) of the message and to do the most rapid session

Since guide is in use a slat (planchette) ended in top or arrow, a socket-pan or any other appliance that could fulfill a function señaladora. The most popular Ouija is that one that is practised in our own(proper) house drawn on a paper(role) and as(like) planchette or slat is in use a glass.They are many(many people,great) those who enter this one enigmatic world of the Ouija lacking a minimum of indispensable knowledge that can make of Ouija's session an authentic trauma for his(her,your) participants, practise the Ouija it(he) can manage to be very dangerous if the session is not orientated by an expert and connoisseur in the matter that calms the spirits and the excitation(excitement) of the competing ones.Ouija's meetings of practise normally in very calm places about a table and with a minimum of four participants, which does not imply a general norm. Usually a calm room is elected, nevertheless, the most daring prefer practising it in left places, cemeteries and other dismal places that believe environment.The participants must meet(compete) to Ouija's meetings with a safety minimum and confidence, must not come fearfully and think the session as one more pastime, to be left to dominate for the supposed contact it(he,she) can bring serious consequences. The advisable number of participants is in the habit of being of four though to the meetings it is possible to come as observer for those to which the practice of the Ouija they does not turn out to be attractive or they do not want to take part.

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Re: The Ouija board

Mensaje  Marina=)3ºE el Jue Feb 26, 2009 1:01 am

The wikiprojet is great! the theme is super interesting! thousand kisses wapisima

:Your best friend Marina Embarassed sunny

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