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Sharks in Spanish waters

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Sharks in Spanish waters

Mensaje  Marina=)3ºE el Jue Feb 26, 2009 1:38 am


In the Spanish coast, despite the low incidence of attacks (only 2 shown, none fatal) together a large number of shark species from different families. Become nearly 90 species that inhabit our waters, but very few of them dangerous. Moreover, we must get away from that idea as the shark devours man, as is well known, many species of shark are a bite to his victim and then they go to see that this is not part of their diet. [/color]

Despite the "big" number and variety of sharks in the Mediterranean, these are mainly in the eastern Mediterranean and the largest pockets of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias), also known as sharks, are in places such as Sicily and Malta (even where a protected species).

On the other hand it is an island in Spain where we find the largest concentration and variety (and we're talking about two completely different areas such as the African coast and the Mediterranean sea), reaching at times to find them in a species so how atypical the shark tiger (Galeocerdo cuvieri) or cigar shark (Isistius brasiliensis). [/color]Although we must demystify the image of a shark how terrible devourer of men, it is true that there are species in our waters that certainly can be a danger to humans. In the Spanish coast are dangerous species such as:


Sharks (C. carcharias): Your presence in Spain is shown, but they rarely intersect with men. Despite this, the two attacks in Spain, one is attributed to white, but not fatal. Reach 6.5 m (and probably more), while typically measuring between 3 and 4.5 m.

Tiger shark (G. cuvieri): It is not present in the Mediterranean, as prefers warmer waters. But his presence in the Canaries is practically proved, and it most likely will also live off the coast of Cadiz.

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas): Also known as shark sarda, their existence in the Mediterranean is very doubtful, and in the Canaries. In regard to their aggressiveness, it is with two of the most dangerous to roam the seas. Often, this shark attacks only once and running, with death by a great loss of blood.

Mako (Isurus oxyrinchus): Despite being one of the most common sharks in our waters has not come to cause serious mishaps are considered dangerous. They are extremely fast and agile, able to jump out of the water (like the sharks).

The Cornuda Gigante (Sphyrna mokarran) or hammerhead shark reaches 5 m, and is considered a dangerous species. © John Liddiard

These four species are those that would qualify as "dangerous." However, there are sharks "potentially dangerous". It is potentially dangerous to a domestic dog, like a German shepherd or husky, which are not dangerous, they are strong enough to cause serious injuries to one person (and even death if an unusually aggressive kind) if it mind and abets them. The same is true of certain sharks, except in limited situations that are displayed extremely aggressive. It is therefore not advisable to hold the fin of a shark (however small, or quiet) as this would be attacked and revolvería can cause serious injuries, in which case we would be talking about an attack.

Obviously not all attacks of the potentially dangerous attitudes to be wrong by men. There are situations where they are more aggressive, as in the food frenzy, or to a lack of nutrition, or when we consider that we are invading their territory. In these situations a shark in most cases would be completely harmless, can be dangerous for anyone who gets in their way. Thus we could determine how potentially dangerous sharks: sharks large enough to violate major damage or even death to a person. For a shark is considered potentially dangerous needs to exceed 2 meters in length.


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