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The smallest waist in the world

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The smallest waist in the world

Mensaje  tania_3e el Mar Mar 03, 2009 2:52 pm

Cathie Jung can boast of having a true waist 'wasp', so small that only measures 38 centimeters. Calls the "corset queen" and has the Guinness record for world's smallest waist, which was using the garment for 24 hours for over 22 years.

The woman said that 68 years began to use the corset when I was in the middle of the 40's for his love of Victorian clothing type, characterized by stylizing the waist of the women of the nineteenth century.
Although his body no longer due to the aesthetic look of your tiny waist, Jung said, and feel perfectly well without breathing problems but keep a tight corset virtually all day. "The only thing that causes me some discomfort is sitting in chair too low, because my body has to bend a lot," he mentions.

About your diet, says he has to eat very small portions and is generally healthy, but it feels good because it stays healthy. As if this were not enough, says she is comfortable to sleep with the corset.


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Re: The smallest waist in the world

Mensaje  satanik el Miér Mar 04, 2009 11:05 pm

is disgusting

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