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Charles Robert Darwin

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Charles Robert Darwin

Mensaje  carlos_1992 el Jue Mar 05, 2009 10:08 pm

Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) it was an important naturalist scientist that was agreed which all the species has evolved over the time a from a commun ancestor trough the natural selection. This was acepted for a lot of persons and scientist, but his theory wasn´t considerated like an explanation of the evolution process until 1930, now it´s the base of the modern evoluted synthesis.

His life
Charles Robert Darwin was borned in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, on 12 February 1809. He was the sixth son of his family. His father was Robert Darwin, a doctor and a business man, and his mother was Susannah Wedgqood.
In 1825 Darwin went to the Edimburgo University which he found the classes boring, so he left his studies.
After that he read three books which make him to evolve his thoughts. Its were the "Natural Theology" (Paley); "A preliminar speech about the study of natural philosophy" (John Herschel); and "The Travel To The Equinoccial Regions of The New Continent" (Alexander von Humboldt).
Later Darwin went to South America in the HMS Beagle. Darwin spent the most of his time studying the geology, animals and plants, while the Beagle studied the sea. Darwin took notes and sent it to Cambridge and he noticed that there are a fauna and a different flora in the differents places. For example he noticed that in the Galapagos there were a lot of types of finches.
Afther that Darwin read an article of Alfred Russel Wallace about the Introduction of the species, and noticed that it coincided with his suppositions, that´s why Darwin started to work about Natural selection.
The origin of the species trough the natural selection for the conservation of the breeds favored in the fight by the life” was really popular. The origin of the species explain how the species evolve. This book have an introduction whose can be summarized in:
If one individual have a feature different of its specie and it´s beneficial for this individual, it will survive and it will set to reproduce and transmit its feature to the nexts generations.
Darwin argued that there was an common origin in all the species, but he didn´t say that there wasn´t an evolution and he completed in his book that:
God made one or some species in the beggining, but that species have evolved to better and more beautiful species.

This book gave him fame and hate, because some persons weren´t agreed with his ideas, that´s why he was insulted and ridiculiced with pictures in the newspapers.
His theory about the natural selection wasn´t recognized until a lot of years later, because Darwin couldn´t gave an explanation about why the animals evolve.

Here we have a summary of the natural selection:

This video explain, with examples of animals and persons, that the species replicate themselves and if one character it´s better for one type of life, it´s more possible that the animals survive, and if the environment chages, those characters can be an advantage or a disadvantage. The last part of this video explain why the animals change over the time (genes)

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