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Federico García Lorca

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Federico García Lorca

Mensaje  carlos_1992 el Jue Mar 05, 2009 11:42 pm

Federico García Lorca (Fuente Vaqueros, Granada, 5 Jun 1898 – 18 August 1936) he was a poet and dramatist well-know because he made a lot of good works. He was one of the called Generación del 27 (Generation of 27), and he is the most famous poet of the spanish literatura of the S.XX. He died executed because he was agreed with the Popular Front and cause of be homosexual.

His principals influences were Lope de Vega, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Antonio Machado, Manuel Machado, Ramón del Valle-Inclán, Azorín and the Popular Folks Songs.

In 1928 he published him first book, “Impresiones y paisajes”. Later “El maleficio de la mariposa”, “Libro de poemas”, “La niña que riega la Albahaca” and “El príncipe preguntón”. At this works influenced Jorge Guillén, Pedro Salinas, Gerardo Diego, Dámaso Alonso, Rafael Alberti, Buñuel and Dalí.

In 1929 he went to New York and at the same time two of his works were published in Spain, “Canciones” and “El Primer romancero gitano”. In New York he wrote “Poeta en Nueva York”, and later, in 1930, he went to La Habana, where he wrote “Así que pasen cinco años” and “El público”.
That same year he come back to Spain, and he noticed that his work “La zapatera prodigiosa” was been stageing.

After that, for the second republic he wrote “Bodas de sangre”, “Yerma and Doña Rosita la soltera”. And in 1934 he wrote, his most famous lament, called "Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías", who died in a bullfight in the Manzanares square. [/youtube]

A few later Lorca refused the offers of exile, and he came back to his house in Granada. At that moment somebody asked him what was his political preference and he said that he was comunist, anarquist, libertarist, catolicist, tradicionalist and monarchist. And he stroke up friendship with José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

A few before his execution he said in an interwiev at the "Sol de Madrid" that:
I´m comprehensive spanish and will be imposible for me to live out of my geographicals limits; but I hate to the spanish because of be spanish nothing more, I´m brother of everybody and I detest to the men that make sacrifices for a nacinalist idea, abstract, because he love his fatherland with a bandage his eyes. The good chinese is nearer to me that the bad spanish. I sing to Spain and I feel Spain until marrow, but before that this I´m a men of the world and brother of everybody. Of course I don´t believe in the political frontier”.

After a denunciation, on 16 August 1936 Federico García Lorca was arrested in Luis Rosales´s house, one of his friends. The execution order was given by José Valdés Guzmán, the civil governor of Granada.
Finally, Federico García Lorca was executed on 18 August 1936, at the daybreak.
Now his body is buried in a common grave of that place.
If Lorca wasn´t been executed it´s possible that he would be the most important poet of Spain. But on the other hand his executation helped to the renegades to fight and to resist.

Here we can see a lament to Federico García Lorca, where we can noticed how much he was loved.

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