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Mensaje  VorteX_omega el Dom Mar 29, 2009 9:01 pm

Hi! ^^

Saratoga is my favourite Spanish metal group, and that's the reason because I'm going to talk you about them.

Saratoga's start

Saratoga was created in 1992 by Jero Ramiro (Ñu and Santa ex guitarrist) and Niko del Hierro (Ñu and Barón Rojo ex bassist)

Saratoga's career

After three years without any album, they develop their first cd, Saratoga, in 1995, with Fortu Sanchez as vocalist,
Joaquin Arellano as drummer, Jero as guitarrist and Niko as bassit.

1996: They develop another cd, a tribute cd named "Tributo". They regret of this cd because the people started to ask them for playing all sort of songs.

1997: With Gabriel Boente as vocalist, they develop "Mi ciudad", in this cd you can notice a heavier style.

1998: Gabriel Boente and Joaquin Arellano left the group and Saratoga became in a crisis. Fortunately they find Dani Pérez (drummer) and Leo Jiménez (vocalist).

1999: With the new formation, saratoga develop "Vientos de guerra", in which you can notice a harder touch in their music.

2000: Saratoga start the "Tiempos de directo" tour.

2002: Saratoga develop "Agotarás", probably their best album.
They obtain some fans in south america.

2003: Saratoga develop a single named "Heaven's gate", with two songs in english, and the live cd "A morir".

2004: "El clan de la lucha" is developed and the grooup style change a little.
They started the "Vientos de guerra" tour (2 years of tour).
A recopilation cd named "Saratoga 1992-2004" is launched.

2005: "Tierra de lobos", a really hard heavy metal (almost thrash metal) is launched.

2006: Dani Pérez, Leo Jiménez and Jero Ramiro left Saratoga and Tete Novoa (vocalist) , Andy C. (drummer) and Tony Hernando (guitarrist) join to the group.

2007: With the last formation, they develop their last album until now, "VII".

Left to right: Niko del Hierro, Jero Ramiro, Leo Jimenez, Dani Perez.

Left to right: Tony Hernando, Andy C., Tete Novoa, Niko del Hierro.


San Telmo 1940:

Barcos de cristal:

El vuelo del hacón:

I hope you like it ^^.

"Hasta adiós!" Very Happy

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