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The haunted forest

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The haunted forest

Mensaje  Marina=)3ºE el Jue Mayo 28, 2009 6:04 pm

Aokigahara Jukai or sea of trees, is a forest that lies at the foot of Mount Fuji full of legends. Mount Fuji is the highest volcano in Japan (3776 m). Its environs are famous, with beautiful lakes and forests. One of these precious forests Aokigahara Jukai is born to an outpouring of lava in the year 864. Despite its young history and size, this deep forest has become famous for its legends and the mysterious events that allegedly occurred there.

3000 hectares is an area that normally can be traveled on foot for three to four hours. But in this strange forest, this is impossible. The legend says that those who undertake this journey, do not ever return. Today, many hikers lost their way. Their bodies or their skeletons half eaten by "something" are reunited regularly in the forest, deep and dark. Sometimes those who are going in search of their bodies missing or to clarify the mystery of this place which is also lost. An old legend says that a large number of bats living there. They attack and try to drown walkers around the face.

It also said that in this forest, they lose the compasses pointing north south direction or another is not the north. Others argue that if we follow the directions of the compass, turn in circles and come back to square one. Aokigahara is so dense that sunlight hardly penetrates there. There are many who argue that it is impossible to locate them in the sun, because if you raise your head, you see only a small part of the sky.

Outside the marked trails, the landscape creates, in essence, a distorted sense of direction. Thus, the different possible directions seem all the same. If you look right in front of you walking in danger of falling resbalarte and because the soil seems solid when in fact, often it is 30 or below 40 cm, under a carpet of roots and leaves, which create a fabric that gives the impression of a perfectly flat terrain. This forest has many large and deep caves. These cracks opened wide their mouths under the foam and vegetation. It is very easy to fall in and reencontrarte there, with horror, compared to skeletons that have been there a long time.

Other prisoners of this "green hell", walked for days, crossing with skeletons and decomposing corpses and ultimately died of starvation before serving food to wild animals. All these phenomena, as well as other events, have created all sorts of legends about monsters, ghosts and goblins that inhabit this forest.
This dense vegetation and make this place so dangerous that many choose to go to the forest to commit suicide. Unfortunately, the number of suicides in this place seems doomed increase year after year. On average, between 30 and 50 corpses are found each year.

Many stories mention people who witnessed horrific apparitions of ghosts. Undoubtedly, the spirits of those who committed suicide are condemned to wander in the forest for eternity. Aokigahara is considered the most happy to Japan. It is said that this place is purgatory for "Yurei" Avengers ghosts that have been torn from life too early for a violent death such as suicide or homicide.

They howl their suffering through the wind. Spiritists Many argue that the trees themselves are impregnated with a malevolent energy accumulated for centuries. This energy comes naturally to all those unfortunate people who have committed suicide and they do everything possible to attract not to leave this accursed place.

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