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Mensaje  cellink el Vie Oct 24, 2008 12:13 pm


"Hip Hop Police" (feat. Slick Rick)

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go
Keep runnin' homie
Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go
They on the trail
Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go
Keep runnin' homie
Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go
They on the trail

[Chorus 1:]
With so much drama in the industry
Hip Hop Police are listening
Be careful or you'll be history
Looks like another unsolved mystery
It's murder, murder, murder
Ah it's murder, murder, murder
Yeah it's murder, murder, murder
Somebody tell em it's murder
Murder was the case and they blamed me

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire:]
Officer I didn't do it, you can't blame me for this
Could you please loosen up the handcuffs on my wrists?
You can call me what you wanna but mayne I ain't a snitch
No cooperation is exactly what you would get
'til I talk to my lawyer, you get no reply
You've obviously been watching too much CSI
I'm not a crash dummy so don't even try
To talk your dirty trash to me, no BFI
If you are not guilty of anything, then why did you run?
Cause you the police and plus I saw you cocking your gun
And the chamber wasn't empty, it was obviously one
If you think I'm believing that one, your obviously dumb
Huh? I know that you heard the sirens, you dived in
To the vehicle you was driving and riding
And you shouldn't be whining about abiding
By the law, nah it's obvious your lying

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire:]
Stop lying to me boy, it'd be best you confess
I can smell the BS on the scent of your breath
Saw the meth while I was inspecting your deck
Saw that you was riding dirty when I looked at the rest
Who is this guy Busta? Who is this guy Snoop?
Who is his other friend who's wearing the sky blue?
Look at this pic here, he standing beside you
Tell me his name now, I heard he was piru
Confiscated the CD's at one of your homes
For evidence ever since we heard some of your songs
What about this Pimp guy, he was on one of your songs
I could've sworn he said he had a pocket full of stones
Am I wrong? Hell yeah, I don't know who that is
I don't know no Pimp C, all I know is I'm rich
And I'm a bond like James, bet I be out here quick
Man You ain't getting out of here, you must think that your slick
In the car we confiscated The Chronic and The Clipse
Diary that you had and all your Blueprints
On the Death Row booklet, we found your two prints
Your thumb and your index, the judge will love this)

[Chorus 2:]
With so much drama in the industry
Hip Hop Police are listening
Be careful or you'll be history
Looks like another unsolved mystery
It's murder (It's a bloody murder)
Ah it's murder (It's a bloody murder)
Yeah it's murder (It's a bloody murder)
Somebody tell 'em it's murder
Murder was the case and they blamed me

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire/Slick Rick:]
And you can see your screwed as the evidence pours in
The witness to the crime was at 3 in the morning
Gave us a description so we picked up your boy and
You'll get a lighter sentence if you put the crime on him
A big celebrity, a case we long for
You a pirate, Why you got that eye patch on for?
Funny Putting people in a hurse what I heard for
Where were you the night of April 21st son?
Home, I think that you got your facts wrong, gats on you
Chamillionaire, Rob shot Couple cats on Melview
What? We gonna have to jail you too
In the line-up, don't speak until we tell you to
This the person who jimmied your lock, sir?
Well he's dark, Kinda looked like him, I'm not sure
Fail into nail cause a cell it's another?
Leave, I see an unmarked tail in the glover?
Hit the Bodega, not no more game
This chick used to be all nice, acting all strange
Like she was gonna get it, pathetic
I sell in court now they all apologetic


Cantidad de envíos : 1
Edad : 26
Empleo /Ocio : estudiante
Fecha de inscripción : 14/10/2008

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Chamillionaire & Lil Flip - Turn it up

Mensaje  satanik el Vie Ene 16, 2009 10:58 pm

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
I'ma show you how to get your shine on (shine on)
Turn it up the DJ playing my song (my song)
Everybody keep on calling my phone (my phone)
Which one of y'all am I gone take home (take home)
I'ma show 'em how to get the club crunk (club crunk)
Give 'em something thats goin' rattle that trunk (that trunk)
Tip ya cups up until ya get drunk (get drunk)
Tell the DJ to play it loud and turn the beat up..

Give me that million dollar beat and let me show you what to do with it
(Who that is?) That's the illest rapper choppin' and screwin' it
Couldnt snatch the game that's what they told me, so I'm provin it
Put the truth in Texas with Scott Storch and you got you a hit
Hittin never miss rep yo click and throw 'em high
Because Chamillionaire's the anwser to the game like Allen I
Middle fingaz to the sky, if they don't like that reply
Cause any DJ that deny is a mother fu errrwwwee lie
So give the ladies what that want
Got 'em racin' to the front of the stage
to feel the bass and tell the DJ turn it up (Turn it Up)
Yeaah Sound of Revenge saying Universal to go get my plaque
Rappin's dead so I'ma bring it back, like DJ's do when they hear my track
Check out my track record, they'll say I'ma track wrecka
Hotter than a black pepper now that I am back nigggga (He's Baaack)
You can't get mad if you feel that you and cap fit ya
Drop the biggest stat's ever so don't let that bbback hit ya


[Lil' Flip]
When it's time to hit the club I let my chain hang
If they got clovers on they neck we in the same gang
I'm 20 deep in V.I.P. puffin' Mary Jane
Splinters still in my hand from my woodgrain
I got homies on the West who like to gangbang
And I got homies on the East who do the same thang
I told Johhny put 50 in my pankyrang
5 karot diamond chain vvs is in it mayne
You know I rep the dirty dirty where they move cane
You know we mix purple stuff in that blue drank
Hipnotic, Big Bodies with Blue paint
We got that oomp spray, but it still stank
You a lame so yo dame playin mind games
Ima pimp so I stay in that mindframe
Niggaz talk shit untill I let that nine bang
Me and Duke in that maybach switchin lanes


[Bridge: Chamillionaire]
Heaaded to the baar (I'm headed to the baar)
You know I'm V.I.P. (You know I'm vipee)
And since you rollin' with a star (You rollin with a staar)
You V.I.P. with mee (Chamillitary heey heey)

Chamillitary the biggest threat to any of these rapper thinkin' they doin it
(Who That Is?) That's dem boyz from Texas that always do it big
Multi-colored diamonds got us shining They say our jewerly sick
Houston got a problem and you don't want nuthin to do wit it (Do you kid?)
I ain't think so I'm tippin slow
Wen my trunk is liftin' up look at the neons as they glow
Groupies never givin' up they be everywhere I go
When that elevator go up to my suite they there fo sho
Told me that she didnt care about my money Wasnt hearin it
Looks can be deceving as Chamillion paint apperances
You know how we do it at home of Screw and purple syrup is
She got turned out quicker than my power steering did


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Edad : 24
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Mensaje  Nadia May. el Dom Oct 18, 2009 11:05 pm



They see me rollin
They hatin
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
My music so loud
I'm swangin
They hopin that they gon catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Police think they can see me lean
I'm tint so it ain't easy to be seen
When you see me ride by they can see the glean
And my shine on the deck and the TV screen
Ride with a new chick, she like hold up
Next to the playstation controller is a full clip and my pistola
Turn a jacker into a coma
Girl you ain't know, I'm crazy like Krayzie Bone
Just tryin to bone ain't tryin to have no babies
Rock clean itself so I pull in ladies
Laws of patrolling you know they hate me
Music turned all the way up until the maximum
I can speak for some niggas tryin to jack for some
But we packin somethin that we have and um will have a nigga locked up in the maximum
Security cell, I'm grippin oak
Music loud and tippin slow
Twist and twistin like hit this dough
Pull up from behind and is in his throat
Windows down gotta stop pollution
CDs change niggas like who is that producing?
This the Play-N-Skillz when we out and cruisin
Got warrants in every city except Houston but I'm still ain't losin


[Verse 2 - Krayzie Bone]
I been drinkin and smokin holdin shit cause a brother can't focus
I gotta get to home 'fore the po po's scope this big ol Excursion swerving all up in the curve man
Nigga been sippin on that Hennessey and the gin again is in again we in the wind
Doin a hundred while I puff on the blunt
And rollin another one up, we livin like we ain't givin a fuck
I got a revolver in my right hand, 40 oz on my lap freezing my balls
Roll a nigga tree, green leaves and all
Comin pretty deep, me and my do-jo
I gotta get back to backstreets
Wanted by the six pound and I got heat glock glock shots to the block we creep creep
Pop Pop hope cops don't see me, on a low key
With no regards for the law we dodge em like fuck em all
But I won't get caught up and brought up on charges for none of y'all
Keep a gun in car, and a blunt to spark, but well if you want, nigga you poppin dark
Ready or not we bust shots off in the air Krayzie Bone and Chamillionaire


[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire]
Do what you thinkin so, I tried to let you go
Turn up a blink of light and I swang it slower
A nigga upset for sure cause they think they know that they catchin me with plenty of the drink and dro
So they get behind me tryin to check my tags, look at my rearview and they smilin
Thinkin they'll catch me on the wrong well keep tryin
Cause they denyin is racial profiling
Houston, TX you can check my tags
Pull me over try to check my slab
Glove compartment gotta get my cash
Cause the crooked cops try to come up fast
And been a baller that I am I talk to them, giving a damn bout not feeling my attitude
When they realize I ain't even ridin dirty bet you'll be leavin with an even madder mood
I'mma laugh at you then I'mma have to cruise I'm in number two on some more DJ Screw
You can't arrest me plus you can't sue
This a message to the laws tellin them WE HATE YOU
I can't be touched or tell 'em that they shoulda known
Tippin' down, sittin' crooked on my chrome
Bookin' my phone, tryin' to find a chick I wanna bone
Like they couldn't stop me I'mma 'bout to pull up at your home and it's on

[Chorus 2x]

Nadia May.

Cantidad de envíos : 3
Edad : 25
Empleo /Ocio : estudiante
Fecha de inscripción : 14/10/2009

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Re: Chamillionaire

Mensaje  MARIO el Lun Oct 19, 2009 5:57 pm



Cantidad de envíos : 10
Edad : 25
Empleo /Ocio : Estudiante
Fecha de inscripción : 22/09/2009

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Re: Chamillionaire

Mensaje  Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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