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History of Bodyboard.

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History of Bodyboard.

Mensaje  Alejandro el Dom Dic 13, 2009 9:25 pm


The bodyboarding has its origins in the earliest form of sliding on a wave, apart from the bodysurfing. Diaries, 1778 described as men in Hawaii riding the waves on boards such Paipa.
However, the modern bodyboard sport and his condition is owed to Tom Morey, who in 1971 began to market their Boogie boards using materials more comfortable and durable than the traditional Hawaiian PAIPO tables (wooden).

This new way of riding the waves quickly became popular, mainly due to their lower initial learning curve and the lowest price tables on the surf.
A mid-80s began to emerge a series bodyboarders who write the history of the sport by their techniques and innovations. Names like Mike Stewart, Pat Caldwell, Keith Sasaki and Ben Severson, developed the sport and will take you beyond mere slip of a wave.
The style was most conspicuous in the bodyboarding slippage drawn large and spacious, and the maneuvers were repeated over 360 and the "Roll". Later in the 90s, there was another revolution in the sport. Bodyboarders as Guilherme Tamega, Michael Eppelstun or Ben Holland led the acrobatics or maneuvers previously developed to its highest radicals. Even to develop new maneuvers unthinkable until then, as Michael's Air Roll Spin Eppelstun.
Today, the global picture of the bodyboard is represented by names such as Hawaiian Mike Stewart (pioneer of the sport that continues to be among the elite), Jeff Hubbard (bodyboarder revolutionary for its ease and spectacular aerial maneuvers), Spencer Skipper ( recognized as a worthy successor to Stewart for his elegant style sliding).
Also noteworthy because of his youth, radicalism and his love for the monstrous waves of Australian reef, a large group of young Australians made up names like Ryan Hardy, Mitch Rawlins, Dave Winchester, Brendan Newton.

Tincho Morey, founder of bodyboard



One of the best brands in equipement and in terms of beauty in tables, NMD secondary mark is on your computer to people like:


- Ryan Hardy.

Ryan Hardy in a secret spot.

- Pierre Louis Costes.

Pierre after a session at Pipeline.

- Mitch Rawlins.

Mitch Rawlins in the famous wave called The Right, wave of the Australian coast in Tasmania. The picture is cast by the famous magazine Riptide.

NMD Bodyboards

Brand King with VS


- Ben Player.

Ben Player after a session.

- Dave Winchester.

Dave Winchester dropknee

+The Dave Winchester Mini-Series - Teaser

Here, Winchester in his last profile.

Suit or no suit?

Good, the bodyboard may be practiced without a suit or dress, another thing is when you've got to put it does not, in the coldest of the year in some areas where the sun is not temporary, like Spain, in this case the Peninsula, it is otherwise in the Canaries where the sun year-round. Another example of a place in the main suit is that most of the year is in Northern Spain.



Leading brand in terms of costumes, has a great team.


Make that only manufactures for the bodyboard, and not for surfing. Account on your computer with Ben Player, sponsored by NMD bodyboards.

For the practice of bodyboard need the help of the fins, and give more stability and propulsion.

Top brand's of fins.

Australian Brand of the first brands of fins to create.

Australian Brand.

Brazilian brand, as comfortable in fins.

And finally, me.

Faro (Cádiz)

Faro (Cádiz)

Mundaka (País Vasco)


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