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Mensaje  ana pomares el Mar Mar 23, 2010 6:16 pm

Beyoncé (september 4 of 1981) is the artistic name Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, a singer of R & B, composer and actress U.S. She has sold a total of 20,000,000 copies of her three albums (2003, 2006, 2008).Born and raised in Houston,Texas,Enrolled in various performing arts schools and was first exposed to singing and dance competition when she was a child. Knowles rose to fame in the late '90s as the lead singer Destiny's Child. She has sold over 50 million albums worldwide with the group. During the
separation of Destiny's Child, released her debut solo album,Dangerously in LoveIn June 2003. Dangerously in Love, Which resulted in the number-one singles Crazy in Love and Baby Boy, Became one of the most successful albums of that year. Knowles won five Grammy Awards in a single night in 2004, and its reception signaled its viability as a solo artist. The dissolution of Destiny's Child in 2005 facilitated her continued success, she released his second solo album, B'DayIn 2006, which contained the worldwide hit Irreplaceable. Her third solo album,I Am .. Sasha Fierce, Was released in November 2008, and spawned the worldwide hit "If I Were A Boy" and number one in the U.S. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Maintenance 4 weeks at .The success of her solo albums has established she as one of the most commercial artists in the music industry and has expanded her career to acting and endorsing products. She began her career in 2001, appearing in the musical film Carmen: A Hip Hopera. In 2006, she starred in the lead role in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical 1981 Dreamgirls, Which won two Golden Globe nominations.In 2009 she made the film Obsessed with her as co-star. Knowles launched her fashion line of the family, House of DeréonIn 2004, and is committed to supporting brands like Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani and L'Oreal.

Beyoncé Knowles is the oldest daughter of Tina and Mathew Knowles Beyoncé. Her paternal grandparents, Lumis and Beyonce Dereon Agnez were of LouisianaThis explains also speak French. Her parents decided her name would be a tribute to the maiden name of her mother. Her sister, Solange Knowles, Is an actress and singer.
She grew up in the American Bible belt that extends around Houston (Texas), where the singer began her career in the choir at the United Methodist Church of St. John and was baptized.
Pastor Rudy Rasmus His remains her spiritual adviser. Beyoncé donations enabled the congregation to build a major center for the rehabilitation of youths.
For seven years she won a merit award for the school version of the song Imagine of John Lennon. She met and befriended Susan Philips, Whose mother worked for the Knowles family, then living in the same house. Seeing that the girl's intention to devote herself to music was serious, Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé's father, began searching for a music label. He saw his job very well paid by his company was reduced, affecting the whole family. The rent was reduced to half of them, and had to move to two apartments. When the trio was signed to Columbia in 1996, gave the family a second chance to improve the situation.
As a teenager, Beyoncé studied in the High School for Performing and Visual ArtsIn Houston, where she showed his musical talent. Later, she went to the Alief Elsik High School, Also in Houston. Since beginning her solo career until 2009 has won a total of 105 awards. Many call it "THE GODDESS OF EBONY" or queen of R & B.

Destiny's Child.Beyonce with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams formed the group Destiny's Child.Many of the successes of Destiny's Child, with more than 60 million albums sold worldwide, were co-written and co-produced by Beyonce. In 2004 the band rejoined for the album Destiny Fulfilled, taht she whom he reached the top spot on the charts with simple Lose My Breath and Soldier. In 2005, to end the career of the group, A compilation of all their hits with three new songs: Stand Up For Love,
Check On It (Beyoncé featuring Slim Thug) and Feel The Same Way I Do.
Solo career.
In 2001, he became the first black woman to receive the award The composer of the year American Society of Compositoresy the second woman to Authors and Publishers. Beyoncé has also been featured numerous times in the list of 50 sexiest women in the world.During the autumn of 2002, Knowles made a special participation (featuring) In the success Bonnie & Clyde 03, Rapper Jay-Z. In spring 2003, she recorded a duet with Luther Vandross The Closer I Get To You, Originally made famous by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway. In this new version, the vocal parts were modified with Vandross for him to sing the parts of Flack. The song was included on the first solo album by one of Beyonce and Luther Vandré, Dance With My Father. Both won the Grammy to Best R & B Performance by a Duo or Group later this year.
Dangerously in Love
In 2003, Knowles released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love. The album debuted on the Billboard 200 in the first week, coming directly at 1 place with 317,000 copies sold in its first week.
Was certified platinum a month later, on 26 July 2003. The first single, Crazy In Love(possibly his best known song), with the special participation of rapper Jay-Z quickly became one of the biggest hits of that summer (and all year), staying on top of the Billboard Hot 100 8 consecutive weeks. Dangerously in Love also reached No. 1 for lists United Kingdom and Canada. The album sold over 4 million copies in the United States and 11 million copies worldwide. When her first single and the album came together the first U.S. and the United Kingdom, became the first artist who reached this done since the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and Rod Stewart in the 60s and 70s. Beyoncé was, therefore, one of the artists most albums sold in 2003.
In late summer, Baby Boy, The second single from Dangerously in Love, Had the special participation of Sean Paul, began to rise in the charts and became one of the biggest hits of 2003, which dominated the radio frequencies in the autumn of 2003: 9 weeks in the first place - one week than more Crazy In Love.
The third single, "Me Myself And I", reached # 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Top 10 in the charts worldwide.
In late 2003, launched the fourth single, Naughty Girl, which she repeated with success, # 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and in European and global lists.

B'Day was released worldwide on September 4, 2006, celebrated the 25th anniversary of Beyoncé. This new album includes new songs co-written and produced by Knowles. Deja Vu, the first single from the album, with the special participation of rapper Jay-Z, and Rodney Jerkins. Other co-producers of B'Day include Rich Harrison, The Neptunes and Swizz Beatz. Knowles finished work on her second solo album in two weeks.
The first single, Deja Vu, was Top 5 in the U.S. and at R & B chart in the U.S.. It also reached in the UK.
Sexy first single, "Crazy In Love," which has enjoyed the collaboration of Jay-Z, has been coproduced by Beyonce and Rich Harrison. Jay-Z returns to Beyoncé's favor on his hit "Bonnie & Clyde 03." With a beat that Beyonce says is "so powerful that it hurts my heart!", "Crazy In Love" is about that moment when you realize that you're in love and have a pint strange, but really you never mind. The abandon continues on "Speechless," produced by Fanatic. "As I heard the track it inspired me," she admits.
"It's very sexy, very sensual. The sort of ballad that I had never done before. An issue to increase the birth rate!"
The second single, Ring the Alarm, released on the Internet on 8 August 2006. The video, Ring the alarm was launched on 16 August at Yahoo.com. The issue is about her obsession not to miss your partner, with whom she is for money, so it does not care to get off with another because it would end luxury.
Shortly thereafter, the diva launched Irreplaceable which has been the biggest hit of her career, estubo first 10 weeks in the United States. In this issue (who wrote quickly after a day of filming of Dreamgirls drawing on the prevailing situation in her character, Deena Jones,whth her husband) Beyoncé makes it clear to her partner that he can go, she doesn´t need and no plans to continue holding someone like him.
In 2007, Beyoncé B'Day Deluxe Edition launched a special version of the double album B'Day. Deluxe Edition was launched Beautiful Liar, a song that was not in the first edition of the album. Despite the different versions of the music (including a solo version of Beyonce, a Spanish version and a remix), which was only with the participation of Shakira and become one of the biggest hits of 2007 (jumped from 93 to 3 on the Hot 100, USA, and became world number 1) and the return of two VMA Award for best duet of 2007.
Get Me Bodied, Green Light were the 5th and final single from B'Day (in U.S. and Europe respectively). Get Me Bodied were three versions. The first two are on B'Day and B'Day Deluxe Ediditon. And the latest version is a remix by Timbaland featuring Latino rapper Voltio. Get Me Bodied although it has not been the great success of the diva entered Billboard Hot 100 in positions high enough long before he became single. B'Day has sold 6 million copies worldwide. The album has remained on the lists about two years, becoming one of the biggest selling records of 2006 and 2007.
I Am .. Sasha Fierce.
I Am .. Sasha Fierce It is the third album by American singer. The album was released worldwide on November 18, but was released in Japan a week earlier. The album has sold over 42,000 copies in its first week in Japan, entered at # 1 in the U.S. with 482,428 and was placed in the # 1 worldwide with a total of 591,000. The disc would have single rooms, ie, the first single, it would be a song, but twice. So as first singles released Beyoncé If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). If I Were
A Boy quickly became a success in U.S. and Europe. Debuted at # 9 on the World Chart and quickly positioned at # 1 for more than 1 month. Eventually Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) climbed positions on the lists being taxed state, peaking at No. 1, for several consecutive weeks, becoming their new trademark. The song also won in Europe and therefore in the World Chart, peaking at No. 3. The second singles were Diva and Halo. Diva was focused on American urban radio stations, however
Halo was clearly outperformed it reached # 3 in the world list, and "became the third successful album worldwide.
On May 21, 2009 the video premiered Ego. The song was sent to the State being taxed urban radio will get a better radiation. The song quickly entered the Top 40 on Billboard Hot 100.

The next single is Sweet Dreams, before the video was premiered the song and had great success in Europe and Australia. Right now the song is at # 7 of the European charts, in UK and # 5 in Australia. With regard to the U.S. the song debuted at on the Billboard Hot 100 and is gradually climbing positions week after week.
Beyoncé's fourth successful with this latest album.
In 2001, Knowles decided to act, starring alongside actor Mrkhi Phifer, MTV movie Carmen: A Hip Hopera.In the summer of 2002, Knowles co-star in the film Austin
Powers in Goldmember, Which plays Foxxy Cleopatra and contracenando with Mike Myers and Michael Caine. Knowles also recorded the soundtrack for the film,
Work it out.ncé On 3 November 2002, Beyoncé signed an advertising contract with Pink and Britney Spears to PepsiThe three together made the announcement. Later
Beyonce made another announcement with Jennifer Lopez and David BeckhamBut not as successful.
In 2003, Beyoncé together and actor Cuba Gooding Jr. staged, The Fighting Temptation and recorded a song for them, Fighting Temptation, with the special
participation of Missy Elliot, MC Lyte and Free.
The fourth film was Beyoncé, La Pantera Rosa (2006), playing the role of Xania, a pop singer, along with Steve Martin, Who made the role atrapalhando Inspector Clouseau. The film was released on 10 February 2006.
Her biggest success was Dreamgirls (2007), her latest film, which worked with big stars, including Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson. For this movie, got a nomination for Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy or musical, being won by Meryl Streep by The Devil Wears Prada
Her most recent film was in December of 2008 Cadillac Records in which are also Adrien Brody and Jeffrey WrightThis is a film set in the 50's in United States and in which Beyonce plays Etta James. Her latest film is Obssesed which stars and is expected for 2009 in the United States.

She has received a total of 111 awards including 10 Grammys (7 solo and 3 with Destiny's Child). Smile Smile

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