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Mensaje  ana pomares el Mar Mar 23, 2010 6:53 pm

Every year at the end of July,Eskimo and Native North American Indians come to Fairbanks,Alaska for the World Eskimo-Indians Olympics.There is no pole vaulting,weightliffing or long jumping in this contest.In the games,there are only the old Eskimo and Indian sports.
The Blanket Toss is a popular event.In the Blanket Toss, one person stands in the middle of a large leather blanket.The other players then hold the blanket and pull it very hard.This action throws the man on the blanket high into the sky.Sometimes the players can throw someone 10 metres or more.If you are afraid of high places,you won´t enjoy the Blanket Toss.
The 4-Man Carry is another popular event.The 4-Man Carry mixes weightlifting and running.In this race,each runner must carry four men.Imagine running,while four men are holding your neck and shoulders!
There aren´t only competitions at this event.It is also a time for dancing and storytelling.Dancers,musicians and storytellers help visitors from all over the world enjoy the event.Many of the participants wear Eskimo and Native North American clothes.If you enjoy culture,history ans sport,you will love these special games.The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics has got something for everyone.

ana pomares

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