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Verbs of location + Gerund

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Verbs of location + Gerund

Mensaje  Compilator el Lun Jul 21, 2008 12:55 pm

Location Verbs Followed by VERB+ing

cling (aferrarse) ---------> She clung to the bottom of the bridge trying to resist the swift current.
cower (encogerse de miedo) ----------> The family cowered in their basement hoping the tornado would change directions.
crouch (agacharse) ----------> The mountain lion crouched on a bolder watching the deer walk by below.
hang (colgar) ----------> The monkey hung in the tree chewing on the ripened fruit.
lean (apoyarse) ----------> Tom leaned against the wall resting a few moments before he continued on.
lie (yacer, tumbarse) ----------> He lay in bed thinking about the day's events.
sit (sentarse) ----------> She always sits on the couch watching TV.
stand (estar de pie) ----------> Nancy stood at the corner looking up and down the street.

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