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Expressions + Gerund

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Expressions + Gerund

Mensaje  Compilator el Lun Jul 21, 2008 6:00 pm

Expressions followed by VERB+ing

have (some) problems ----------> He had some problems reading without his glasses.
have a difficult time ---------->She had a difficult time hiking up the mountain.
have a good time----------> They had a good time snorkeling.
have a hard time ---------->She had a hard time explaining the situation.
have a problem ---------->Debbie had a problem understanding his accent.
have an easy time ---------->She had an easy time selling the delicious cookies.
have difficulty ---------->Wanda had difficulty translating the letter by herself.
have fun ---------->They had fun skiing.
have no difficulty ---------->They had no difficulty finding a discount flight to London.
have no problem ---------->Francis had no problem getting from the airport to the hotel.
spend one's time ----------> He always spends his time working out at the gym.
waste one's time ---------->She always wastes her time playing video games.

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