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Noun + Infinitive

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Noun + Infinitive

Mensaje  Compilator el Lun Jul 21, 2008 6:02 pm

Nouns Followed by Infinitives

advice ----------> His advice to continue was good.
appeal ----------> The appeal to reduce pollution was ineffective.
attempt ----------> Her attempt to locate them was unsuccessful.
chance ----------> In Britain, you will have a chance to improve your English.
decision ----------> The decision to increase taxes was not popular.
desire ----------> His desire to get a good job motivated him.
dream ----------> Her dream to become an actress was never realized.
goal ----------> His goal to run a marathon seemed unrealistic.
motivation ----------> Her motivation to enter university impressed them.
need ----------> Bob's need to be the center of attention was irritating.
opportunity ----------> The opportunity to live in New York interested Sandra.
order ----------> They followed the general's order to retreat.
permission ----------> Permission to enter the area was difficult to get.
plan ----------> Sandy's plan to move to Madrid bothered her parents.
preparation ----------> NASA's preparations to launch on Monday moved forward.
proposal ----------> Her proposal to host the party impressed the committee.
recommendation ----------> His recommendation to close the school upset the community.
refusal ----------> Debra's refusal to help did not go unnoticed.
reminder ----------> Her reminder to review the vocabulary helped me pass the test.
request ----------> Their request to participate was granted.
requirement ----------> Their requirement to speak four languages was unreasonable.
suggestion ----------> His suggestion to leave seemed like a good idea.
tendency ----------> His tendency to tap his desk during a test annoyed me.
wish ----------> Her wish to be treated normally was respected.
way ----------> One way to improve your English is to read novels.

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