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Be + Adjective + Infinitive

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Be + Adjective + Infinitive

Mensaje  Compilator el Lun Jul 21, 2008 6:38 pm

Be + Adjective Combinations Followed by Infinitives

be amazed ----------> He was amazed to discover the truth.
be anxious ---------->She was anxious to start her new job.
be ashamed----------> He was ashamed to admit he had lied.
be bound ---------->She is bound to be elected class president.
be careful ---------->They were careful not to reveal the winner of the prize until the end.
be certain ---------->She is certain to get the job.
be content ---------->The student was content to receive second place in the competition.
be delighted ---------->We were delighted to be invited to the wedding.
be determined ---------->He was determined to finish the marathon.
be eager----------> He was eager to begin.
be eligible ---------->They were not eligible to participate in the program.
be fortunate ---------->She was fortunate to receive the research grant.
be glad ---------->I would be glad to help out.
be happy ---------->She was happy to see them at the party.
be hesitant----------> Mary was hesitant to say anything.
be liable ---------->The mountain climber is liable to hurt himself if he doesn't use well-made equipment.
be likely ---------->They are likely to show up at any time.
be lucky ---------->You were lucky to have such an opportunity.
be pleased----------> I am pleased to meet you.
be proud ---------->He was proud to have been chosen to lead the project.
be ready ---------->I'm ready to go now.
be reluctant----------> The witness was reluctant to reveal what he had seen.
be sad ---------->She was really sad to leave.
be shocked ---------->He was shocked to discover the truth.
be sorry ---------->I am sorry to have to tell you that the tickets are sold out.
be surprised ---------->She was surprised to discover that he had never learned how to swim.

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