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Verb + Gerund

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Verb + Gerund

Mensaje  Compilator el Lun Jul 21, 2008 7:11 pm

Verbs Followed by Gerunds

9 = verb followed by a gerund OR a noun + an infinitive
13 = verb followed by a gerund OR an infinitive with a difference in meaning
14 = verb followed by a gerund OR an infinitive with little difference in meaning

admit ----------> He admitted cheating on the test.
advise [9] ---------->The doctor generally advised drinking low-fat milk.
allow [9] ---------->Ireland doesn't allow smoking in bars.
anticipate ---------->I anticipated arriving late.
appreciate----------> I appreciated her helping me.
avoid ---------->He avoided talking to her.
begin [14] ---------->I began learning Chinese.
can't bear [14] ---------->He can't bear having so much responsibility.
can't help----------> He can't help talking so loudly.
can't see ---------->I can't see paying so much money for a car.
can't stand [14] ---------->He can't stand her smoking in the office.
cease [14]----------> The government ceased providing free healthcare.
complete ---------->He completed renovating the house.
consider ---------->She considered moving to New York.
continue [14] ---------->He continued talking.
defend ---------->The lawyer defended her making such statements.
delay ---------->He delayed doing his taxes.
deny ---------->He denied committing the crime.
despise ---------->She despises waking up early.
discuss----------> We discussed working at the company.
dislike ---------->She dislikes working after 5 PM.
don't mind ---------->I don't mind helping you.
dread [13] ---------->She dreads getting up at 5 AM.
encourage [9] ---------->He encourages eating healthy foods.
enjoy ---------->We enjoy hiking.
finish [13] ---------->He finished doing his homework.
forget [13] ---------->I forgot giving you my book.
hate [14]----------> I hate cleaning the bathroom.
imagine ---------->He imagines working there one day.
involve ---------->The job involves traveling to Japan once a month.
keep----------> She kept interrupting me.
like [14] ---------->She likes listening to music.

love [14]----------> I love swimming.
mention----------> He mentioned going to that college.
mind ---------->Do you mind waiting here for a few minutes.
miss----------> She misses living near the beach.
need [13] ---------->The aquarium needs cleaning.
neglect [14] ---------->Sometimes she neglects doing her homework.
permit [9]----------> California does not permit smoking in restaurants.
postpone ---------->He postponed returning to Paris.
practice----------> She practiced singing the song.
prefer [14] ---------->He prefers sitting at the back of the movie theater.
propose [14] ---------->I proposed having lunch at the beach.
quit [13] ---------->She quit worrying about the problem.
recall ---------->Tom recalled using his credit card at the store.
recollect ---------->She recollected living in Kenya.
recommend ---------->Tony recommended taking the train.
regret [13]----------> She regretted saying that.
remember [13] ---------->I remember telling her the address yesterday.
report----------> He reported her stealing the money.
require [9] ---------->The certificate requires completing two courses.
resent ---------->Nick resented Debbie's being there.
resist ---------->He resisted asking for help.
risk ---------->He risked being caught.
start [14]----------> He started studying harder.
stop [13] ---------->She stopped working at 5 o'clock.
suggest ---------->They suggested staying at the hotel.
tolerate----------> I tolerated her talking.
try [13] ---------->Sam tried opening the lock with a paperclip.
understand ---------->I understand his quitting.
urge [9] ---------->They urge recycling bottles and paper.

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