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My sport: Judo

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My sport: Judo

Mensaje  Compilator el Sáb Ago 02, 2008 12:58 pm

Posted by NOELIA

I started at judo club near my house a year ago.My mother thought it was a good idea for girls to learn self-defence.
I enjoy going to the club because I have met a lot of new friends.Yu don't need any special equipment.You just need to wear loose white trousers and a jacket, called a "judo -gi".There are no buttons on the jacket-you tie it with a belt .The colour of the belt is important , because it shows how good you are.The best judo teachers,or 'Dans',wear a black belt .My belt is orange -I'm getting quite good.In jugo .you fight your opponent on a square carpet,10 metres x 10 metres.You get points for lifting,throwing and holding your opponent.I go to my judo club every Tuesday and Thursday after school and our club plays matches against other clubs.

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