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Study trip

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Study trip

Mensaje  Compilator el Dom Ago 03, 2008 11:43 am

alicia said:

This photo is in the travel study!! I feel that I like to be there other time because I spend whit my friend the days very very happy, and I am sad because It isn´t comes to repeat. But anyway I felt very very good because I was more happy this days. In this photo was the last day. In a photo we are girls and two intrusives that believed there jeje. Kissesssss

Very Happy Laughing Laughing Very Happy :


María José Rodríguez said:

Ohhhh!!I have sad becase I wasn't here, but I have sad for three or four people, but I think that I can live other moments in my live with your,no?? 😉 I went to shopping with Rocio here, and we went to had brackfast too and on saturday went to calzada. We had remembered a lot of them.


Cristiano_7Juan said:

color=red]alicia hello! That photo was taken with my camera, what we spent well in the study tour, we made many friends and saw many new things.

I would like to repeat it again one day


Kisses!!![[/color] Cool Cool Cool


malage said:

a great travel, no dude

I'll remember it for life

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