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American comedians

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American comedians

Mensaje  JM el Sáb Nov 08, 2008 11:02 pm

You have posted a lot of threads and videos of Spanish TV comedians and humor programmes. Well, we haven't invented anything in Spain, as TV programmes such as Buenafuente, Martian Chronicles or the one with Manu Sánchez were first made in the USA long ago. Spanish hosts like Pepe Navarro or Javier Sardá translated these kinds of programmes to the Spanish TV.
And the same happened with monologues. Monologues or stand-up comedy has been very successful in the USA for many, many years, and "El club de la comedia" was the Spanish programme which introduce this kind of humor in Spain.

Therefore, in order that you know what the original American TV comedy is like, here you are some of the most popular present American TV comedians. You know many of them because of their films, but you'll see them here as pure comedians and in the American TV.

What do you think of them? Do you like them?

Robin Williams

Famous worldwide for his films, he made a career in TV. One of his brilliant ablilities as a comedian is his way of imitating foreign accents, like in this video from American Idol (USA O.T.) in which Williams pretends to be the winner of the Russian version of the programme.

And a live monologue of Robin Williams talking about alcohol and marijuana:

Jimmy Fallon

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is the most famous humor show in the American television and it has been broadcast for more than 30 years. Many actors and actresses that have worked in this TV show have become film stars. One of the last ones is Jimmy Fallon. You can see it here along with Justin Timberlake imitating the Bee Gees:

more movies at www.miloop.com

Another Jimmy Fallon's success has been his parody video called "Idiot boyfriend":

Tracy Morgan

In SNL there are a great tradition of black comedians. The last sensation has been Tracy Morgan. The first video is called "Black Ass", a parody of the famous moron programme "Jackass":

And his most popular character, Astronaut Jones:

Amy Poehler

Another SNL comedian. She presents "Weekend Update", the parody news section in SNL. In this clip she impersonates Hillary Clinton:

Larry David

He was first a comedy writer until he appeared acting in "Seinfeld", a very successful series written by himself. Now he's the star of "Curb your enthusiasm", a false reality show in which he gets into the most absurd situations.

Martin Short

Best known in Spain for his movie roles in films like "Innerspace" and "Father of the bride", he is one of the best live American comedians, as we can see in this video in which he parodies an intellectual Swedish film, but imitating Jerry Lewis as main character.

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Re: American comedians

Mensaje  JM el Sáb Nov 08, 2008 11:04 pm

Sarah Silverman

Writer, actress and show-woman, Sarah Silverman is nowadays the most scandalous American comedian. This video is one of her scandals. The TV presenter is Jimmy Kimmel, her boyfriend, and Sarah showed him live this video in order to split up with him.

Some days later, Jimmy Kimmel answered her with another video:

Well, and if you don't have enough, here Sarah Silverman humiliates Paris Hilton in the flesh in the MTV awards:

Don Rickles

A living legend. One of the few survivors of the golden age of Hollywood, Rickles has appeared in every TV show and variety programmes from the 19960's until now. Rickles stars this sketch as the bartender. Dean Martin and Roy Rogers play the roles of gunfighters:

Billy Crystal

Another film star. He has been the best Oscar Ceremony host I have ever seen. You can see him in the Oscars 2004:

And here you are Billy Crystal visiting The Late Show unexpectedly riding a mini-horse:

Chris Rock

Chis Rock is another film star who was first a stand-up comedian. He has a poisonous tongue and he has made fun of things and people nobody had dared. Here his victim is Michael Jackson:

And now presenting a video called "How to not get your ass kicked by the police":

Tina Fey

We have seen her before with Amy Poehler in the sketch about Hillary Clinton. She played Sarah Palin.
She is the main writer of SNL and also a very successful TV actress. We can see her presenting the parody news "Weekend Update" in SNL:

David Letterman

He is the host of The Late Show and the leader of the night television in the USA. He has been in his programme for more than twenty-five years. He is very insolent and his questions often puts his guests in a tight corner. We have now some examples. First with Madonna:

In this programme Letterman quarrels with Bill O'Reilly, an ultraconservative journalist, about the Irak war:

And the last one, this with actor Crispin Glover stoned on acid:

Enjoy them!!!

Cantidad de envíos : 1944
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